In response to the immigration surge from the crisis in Ukraine, which greatly strained resources meant for assisting incoming families, Joseph Project launched a timely initiative: the Housewarming Box Program.

Designed to provide immediate and practical assistance, our program offers incoming families essential items they need to start their new lives in Israel. These Housewarming Boxes are filled with items like pillows, towels, bedding, and basic cookware - simple items that can make a world of difference when setting up a new home.

This program has proved to be a lifeline for many families, who found themselves thrust into a brand-new environment practically overnight. It hasn't just benefited those immigrating from Ukraine, but has also reached immigrants from Ethiopia, Argentina, and other countries throughout the year.

To date, this ongoing initiative has had a significant impact, bringing comfort and a warm welcome to some 500 families... and the count continues to rise! With each Housewarming Box, we aim to convey a message of hope, support, and a heartfelt welcome to every new family setting foot in Israel.

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