In the face of the ongoing crisis in Israel and its neighboring regions, the Joseph Project has been unrelenting in our efforts to provide crucial aid and support to those affected by the conflict.

With the eyes of the world held fast on Israel, Gaza, and the developing situation in the Middle East, most of you know by now of the devastating massacre that Hamas terrorists carried out against Israeli communities and civilians on October 7, resulting in 1,400 deaths (many of the victims were raped, mutilated, beheaded, and some burnt alive), 239+ hostages taken to Gaza (primarily civilians), and more than 5,000 wounded - the most deadly day the Jewish people have experienced since the Holocaust. Sadder still is that in the throws of this collective trauma, the nation of Israel has been catapulted into an all-out war with Hamas, which has quickly lit up the region and turned into a multi-front confrontation involving Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Jihadi terror cells in Judea and Samaria. With daily funerals and the mounting dangers from all sides, mourning feels like an ill-afforded luxury at the moment. All hands on deck. The scope of such realities is impossible to convey, but here are some numbers to give you an idea of the reality in Israel. In the last month, since the outbreak of the conflict:

  • 10,000+ rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli civilian communities
  • 1,400 civilians murdered and 5,600+ injured in the massacre, and more since
  • Between 100,000-200,000 displaced Israeli citizens who have evacuated from north and south due to the rocket fire from Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon
  • 166 hostages still held captive by Hamas

When the crisis struck on that fateful Sunday morning of October 7, our team swiftly mobilized. Years of preparation and dedicated training enabled us to act decisively. Our trucks raced to Ashkelon, a city significantly targeted due to its proximity to Gaza. There, we provided essential aid—carefully chosen toys, games, hygiene supplies, and emergency gear—to offer not just material assistance but also a glimmer of hope and comfort to the affected families.The urgency of the situation propelled us into action, and our efforts have been relentless since then. Over the last 50 days, our trucks have been on the roads nonstop on logistics missions, ensuring that essential aid reaches those affected by the conflict. From supplying emotional relief to traumatized families to collaborating with partner organizations to bring vital aid, our goal has remained unwavering: to support, uplift, and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected.

In the days following the attack, the southern city of Sderot remained on lockdown, with all residents advised to stay locked indoors due to continued terrorists at large. Due to the high-security risk, we could not enter the area, and all Joseph Project goods were distributed door-to-door by the heroic armed ambulance teams present. (Pictured above).

Supporting Evacuees Amid Crisis

Between 100,000 to 200,000 individuals have been displaced from their homes in both the northern and southern regions since the conflict's onset. Hotels once bustling with tourists are now shelters for Israeli IDPs (internally displaced persons), representing an abrupt shift in Israel's landscape. While the IDF estimates another one to two months for this conflict, any significant escalation could dramatically alter the situation. What's certain is that numerous displaced Israelis will be unable to return home for an extended period, with some from the south facing the grim reality of no homes left to return to.Across various hubs nationwide, our team remains steadfast in delivering essential items to evacuees housed in hotels throughout Israel. We've played a crucial role in organizing and supporting large-scale volunteer-driven events dedicated to sorting, packing, and distributing clothing, household items, hygiene supplies, and other essentials for evacuees scattered across the country's hotels.Our partners at the Baptist Village generously offered their campus to house evacuees for the long term. Collaborating closely, the Joseph Project has aided these families arriving with nothing, supplying essentials like toys, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, diapers, and electrical appliances for their rooms (such as mini-fridges, toasters, electric kettles, etc.). In addition, we have collaborated with the Baptist Village and a number of local organizations to establish a volunteer-driven emergency logistics hub.Amidst our increased collaborations with non-profit and humanitarian organizations, the Joseph Project has been privileged to offer our fleet of trucks and logistical expertise to support numerous local partners and also assist in transfers of schools and shops located in the Gaza envelope to safer areas.

Support for Our Troops

Israel faced an unprecedented call-up of over 300,000 soldiers with no logistical preparation. Our team at the Joseph Project worked tirelessly to provide essentials like mattresses, thermal wear, watches, power packs, earplugs, socks, and underwear to soldiers on the front lines. This effort aimed to address their immediate needs during this crisis.

Food Support

Adapting swiftly, we restructured our healthy food program to provide extensive aid. We supported reserve forces, evacuees, congregations, and those in financial distress. This included donating raw ingredients to local caterers, enabling the distribution of thousands of hot meals daily. Furthermore, we collaborated with Mercy Chefs, contributing to the provision of 1,000 food boxes for populations in need. Additionally, we partnered with various local congregations and organizations, equipping them with shelf-stable ingredients to offer aid and food assistance, ensuring they could support individuals in bomb shelters for up to 72 hours if necessary. Moreover, our collaboration with the Public Health Association resulted in the delivery of 1,100 boxes of healthy ingredients to patients in the south, who are deeply affected by mental illness, addiction, and PTSD during these challenging times.

Looking Ahead

We urgently need to replenish emergency goods and acquire blankets and winter wear for reserve soldiers and thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Post-crisis, Israel faces economic hardships and significant rebuilding efforts for affected homes. The impact on the economy is expected to heighten unemployment and poverty levels, creating a dire need for sustained support in the years ahead.

We Need Your Help

Despite our ongoing efforts, our stocks of emergency goods are rapidly depleting. Your support ensures our ability to respond effectively to future crises. Consider becoming a donor to help us sustain our critical work.Your contribution is pivotal in our readiness to serve those in need. Thank you for standing with us during these challenging times and being a beacon of hope for those affected.

May the Lord bless and keep you,

The Joseph Project Team