At the onset of the year, a catastrophic earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, causing immense loss of life and displacing 2 million people during the harsh winter months. In swift response, our team provided crucial logistics and supply chain support, facilitating extensive shipments of humanitarian aid to the most affected areas of Turkey. Collaborating with Israeli partners, we airlifted and shipped over 75,000 essential items such as coats, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, and medical supplies, offering immediate relief to the displaced. This experience proved invaluable, preparing us to respond effectively to the current crisis in Israel following October 7th.


Although the eyes of the world are now firmly glued on the Middle East, the war in Ukraine rages on, and the human cost is great and unignorable. In many ways, Israelis and Ukrainians are kindred spirits, both peoples knowing all too well the pain and devastation of war and what it means to fight an existential battle for our nation's very existence. Since the Ukraine war started in early 2022, Joseph Project has been steadily assisting Ukrainian new immigrants and refugees arriving in Israel as well as supporting a number of humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine and on the Romanian and Polish borders. In 2023, we have continued to offer a helping hand, partnering with Israeli Friends of Ukraine to send containers of medical supplies, thermal clothing, and hygiene supplies to our partners in Kovel, who distribute the goods to the points of greatest need throughout Ukraine, helping wounded soldiers and communities that have been devastated by the warfare. We also sent our Head of Logistics, Michael, to visit the aid sent in Kovel and help oversee the process.

In addition to the containers of aid, we continue to support a private orphanage in Kyiv, which now provides safe and loving home environments to 22 boys and girls ranging in age in two separate apartments. These children had previously been living on the streets of Kyiv or in abusive homes with parents suffering from drug addiction. Thanks to the support of Joseph Project, the older adolescents have had the opportunity to begin studying a vocation, two of the girls were able to receive crucial orthodontic care, and both apartments have been able to stock up on essential kitchen appliances, and some technological devices to allow the children to participate in distance learning during rocketing threats (their school does not have a bomb shelter), which happen often.

Pictured above: (top) Arrival of JP intl. aid to Kovel, (bottom) JP provides an oven for the girl's apartment in the Kyiv orphanage.